Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future.

- John F. Kennedy


For me the law of attraction is real. Ok, I’ll explain. I believe in positive thinking and that words have power. The only thing left for us to do, is to live in that moment. There are many beautiful things about life. For one It can be viewed as a blank canvas, and as longs as we are still here we should colorblock every step of the way. My hope is that I have encourage you in some aspect after visiting my world. Your vision is important to me, and the world needs to see it captured in images. 

Throw out everything you know about photography. Relax, have fun and don't feel guilty about carving out this time. Remember you'll have these images forever.

Forever, ever, forever, ever? (OutKast anyone?).

The time is now, your vision is important to me, so let's chat - Please inquire.


A non-refundable retainer and signed agreement will be due at the time of booking to hold your date. 

The final price will also include sales tax.

Images are uploaded to a password protected proofing site within 10-15 days after your session.



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