I’m a Westchester based portrait and lifestyle photographer with a love for telling stories through the lens of my camera. I have an uncanny knack for instantly making people feel at ease. 

Life isn't perfect and it doesn’t have to be. I believe no moment is too small to celebrate; whether it's a graduation, the launch of a new website or just a plain old Saturday with your family.

As a photographer, I understand the importance of being flexible which can include shooting outside or in a studio setting. I take a connection-centered approach to my work: 

My goal is not to photograph you once and say goodbye. I want to be your preferred photographer. Capturing those memorable moments and leaving you feeling empowered. 

Your job during our session is to simply have fun and stay in the present moment. My job is to take care of the rest. I cannot wait to connect with you.

The only things worth having are those that take you out of your "comfort zone" & make you truly afraid.

— Hill Harper

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