Taking pictures can be nerve-wracking, I get it. But my approach is to make it feel like childhood friends reconnecting over farm to table meals. Is it ok if I admit that part made me want roasted beets tossed with olive oil? Ok let me get back on track. 

I value people, believe in kindness and encouraging others to live today. If I did nothing, but these things my life would've been well spent. 

I'm based in Westchester, New York, but enjoy traveling. Make people laugh seems to come naturally for me. If someone yells "WE HAVE CAKE!" I would be third on the line. Boat shoes and accessories are my thing. I tend to forget my keys are attached to my belt loop and despite my best efforts loose my Burt's Bees chapstick on a daily basis.

I love spending my time listening to podcasts. Volunteering, attending food festivals, and running for the train (great cardio if you ask me).

You also should probably know that I'm a human Spotify. I can remember the lyrics to every song I've ever heard (Disney ones too), but have never done karaoke.


Art is a passion of mine, so I studied Fine Arts in college. The fashion professor saw my work and encouraged me to switch majors. Fast forward to now, I currently work as a photographer and freelance associate menswear designer. If I wasn't in photography or design, I'd absolutely be a elementary school art teacher. 

The only things worth having are those that take you out of your "comfort zone" & make you truly afraid.

— Hill Harper

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